Deeya Energy has productized its Picture1 copy 1
L-Cell technology into an Energy Storage Platform (ESPTM) and the current product in this family is the Gen 1.5 ESP. The Gen 1.5 ESP achieves new levels of reduced cost and increased performance in providing critical infrastructure support for low availability service areas.

The entire ESP family is based on breakthrough NASA flow battery research and is an economically and technologically superior alternative to conventional and environmentally hazardous lead-acid batteries.

From the Gen 1.5 ESP, which enables significant operational savings with diesel engine generators in the low kilowatt range, to the future MegaModule ESP that will provide a scalable grid storage solution well into the megawatt range, Deeya has the clean energy storage answer.  One of the key design features of the technology is the decoupling of power and energy. This allows high-volume production to be easily tailored to site-specific backup requirements.

The technology is also suited to a wide-range of harsh operating conditions and is insensitive to ambient temperature, enabling outdoor operation and eliminating costly and unreliable cooling equipment. Most importantly, Deeya’s ESP can be charged far more quickly when compared to other leading battery technologies, dramatically improving system availability. Deeya’s systems contain no heavy metals and release no poisonous or hazardous fumes, making them an excellent clean energy technology.

ESP Benefits Summary

* Modular energy storage
* Super fast charging time
* Rugged, outdoor design: 0C to +50C
* Clean, green & non-toxic materials

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